1. Hotel selection.

2. Your personal data.


3. Invoice details.


4. Booking info.

No. Arrival date Departure date Room type No. of rooms

5. Transport info.

No. Arrival date Arrival time Departure date Departure time Transport type People count

6. Team tents.

The Organizing Committee provides tents for teams. The tents will be properly fixed to the ground and resistant to weather conditions. There will be no possibility to use your own tent.

7. Additional info.

8. Agreements.


Food services

Meal arrangements for teams: The daily rate per person is on a full board basis and includes breakfast, lunch on the venue or at the hotel and diner at the hotel. The lunches are served as a rule on the venue but teams can change it to the hotel with the notification by 12.00 p.m. the day before. For example: if the team wants to have the lunch at the hotel on Saturday the Team Manager must inform the OC about the number of lunches at the hotel by 12.00 p.m. on Friday.

Payment policy

The bookings must be made till 31st of August 2020 with the payment of 100% for the accommodation.
Till 07th of September – the teams can cancel up to 10% without cancellation fee.
After 07th of September – no cancellation is possible.
If the competition is canceled, the return of the payment will be possible only if the cancellation is dictated by the introduction by the Polish government of a ban on holding sports competitions. Otherwise, returns will be agreed individually with the teams.